Benefits of Powerbar products


During your effort, your body needs to get energy with a quick and easy assimilation. (from 5 to 10 minutes)

PowerGels, have 2 carbohydrates sources (glucose and fructose) with sodium, which can help your sport performances and decrease tired sensation.

The packaging is innovative: easy to open, avoid added waste with the « Trash Chain » which it’s not lost.

The Cherry and Mojito flavors have cafeine (50mg) as does the Cola flavor (100mg) that bring extra energy. It allows to increase focus.

  • Consume 1 pack at regular intervals during exercise (approximately every 45 minutes).
  • Consume the cafeinated PowerGels at the end of your effort or in difficult moments

The Powergels Hydro are already mixed with water. No need to drink some afterwards.


The Energized Advanced is a great souyrce of carbs that is solid and easy to chew. With C2MAX, it brings a mixed source of glucose and fructose developped specifically in a 2:1 proportion, with aiditional sodium and magnesium to help your mineral equilibrium.

It has a perfect texture, not to dry and not to sticky

The added magnesium regulates the normal energy metabolism.

  • Consume one Energize bar the hour before your effort.
  • Consomme one Energize bar every hour and a half during your effort
  • Consume the Energize bars bit by bit to keep your stomach free from saturation
  • Drink to facilitate assimilation


During an effort, by sweating, you lose water and electrolytes. In order to reabsorb the lost water, it is important to combine the electrolytes (and sodium) and the glucose well.

Isoactive is a sports isotonic drink that not only provides C2MAX, a mix of two sources of carbs as energy but also electrolytes to avoid cramps. The isoactive powder combines three advantages in a single product: liquids, electrolytes and carbs. It has a subtle refreshing taste to keep the stomach intact.

  • For one serving, mix 33g in around 500-750ml of water.
  • Drink 500ml a day for three days prior to your effort
  • Drink 500ml the hour prior to the start of your effort
  • Drink 150-200ml during your effort
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